Training program enhancements

Every training process requires careful planning and testing of the client, goal definition and evaluation of the possibility to achieve those goals. The importance of nutrition is detailed in the next chapter, here is only an example of the most common factors to be considered:

Medication - an example is medication for hypertension because this medication has a direct impact on the training program and implementation of that program e.g. consideration of the altitude and on the physical work undertaken during the training program

Supplements - Supplements necessary for professional athletes and amateur sportspeople with high intensity effort, in some cases , may contraindicate or impact other elements of the training program therefore, a mandatory consultation with a professional is required

Massage - Despite the benefits of massage being well-known for sports injuries and health conditions there may be situations where it is not advisable or even forbidden e.g. with some infections, surgeries, pregnant ladies, diabetics and clients with varicose vein conditions...

Ice baths - These are currently popular at the moment with professional athletes and amateur sports people however, they still require consultation with professional e.g. in cases of hypertension they may not be advised
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