Information contained in this website can help rehabilitation if you are an amateur sportsperson, a professional athlete and/or a person with a specific health condition. The idea behind the website is to connect useful information with a new experience (like a vacation) with the purpose to improve a person’s health condition. With the approval of an expert, you may choose the time of the year, the duration of the program and the location of your specific program.

Please be mindful that some programmes are more effective in specific outdoor environments and therefore, this is sometimes the main factor in the programme design. The benefit of our programs in specific outdoor environments is to enhance recovery of injured clients, speed up the preparation period for a professional athlete or develop an amateur sportsperson.

Individual psychological and physical conditions require a specific location for training (external conditions e.g. temperature, altitude and so on) and conditions for preparation or recovery. To achieve optimum results clients often also require a specific nutrition plan. Blood and cardio-respiratory tests are necessary to monitor and ensure progress during the training process and other input may be required from, for example, a GP, specialist or masseur. The specific facilities required for the client will be determined by the illness, sports injury or preparation period required. Amateur sportspeople who take their health conditions seriously or have a strong desire to increase their ability are counted like professional athletes. In the next chapter you can see the requirements of one of these such plans.
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