Introduction on Nutrition

Nutrition plan and program is a very important and, in most cases, necessary component for achieving the desired results. Programs vary, depending on your objective; please note that the importance of nutrition for certain programs ranges from 50%, e.g. knee rehabilitation, up to 90% when it comes to e.g. diabetes, elevated cholesterol or blood pressure etc. Of course, there is ample evidence of some cases of proper nutrition significantly contributing to health improvement even without additional activities, which undoubtedly leads us to the conclusion that each program on this website is supported by - a nutrition program.

A nutrition program is precisely determined depending on the health status, and in certain cases, nutrition programs can overlap, but only in a small percentage. Most programs should be individual because of:

- Differences in patients, sex, age, weight…..
- Differences in health status and disease phase
- Medications (drugs) used by the patient are essential to the program design
- Training program objective

* Take special note - in order for a nutrition program to be precise and tailor made certain blood tests etc. are required.

Blood testing is relevant for checking the liver and kidney functions because these two organs are the filters of the body. Additional testing is related to the fat and sugar levels in the body, and the oxygen transport check. Information obtained in this way allows for designing of a precise and accurate nutrition program with properly balanced fats, proteins and sugars in the diet. Example: If there are no precise figures, in certain cases, excessive protein intake, which is often the case when designing muscle hypertrophy programs, is harmful to the kidneys, the digestive system and brings more harm than benefit to exercisers.
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