Most if not all programs are described on the website .To understand one training process design you need to consider  and reference a certain health condition. Listed below are the most common health conditions in today’s society, not just for professional athletes but also for the average person. If you have any doubts, you may consult the list of programs or, if your problem is not listed here, please contact the author for further guidance.
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1. Weight loss
2. Specific strength training
3. Specific endurance training
4. Specific speed training
5. Specific preparation or rehabilitation programmes for

     a. Football, basketball, volleyball
     b. Martial arts
     c. Tennis, athletics, rowing …

6. Event specific preparation programmes

     a. Marathon, ski on water/ snow

7. Rehabilitation programmes

     a. Asthmatics, cardio-respiratory, hypertension
     b. Pregnancy
     c. Osteoporosis
     d. Arthritis, MS…
     e. Diabetes, high cholesterol
     f. Musculoskeletal injuries